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How To Make A Small Business Website That Will Bring You Profits In 2023

Small business website

A step-To-Step guide to help us make a small business website. In this guide, I will walk you through important design considerations and helpful tools to help you design an eye-catching website that will be a magnetic force to pull clients to your business.

Let’s sive into the basics and explore them now.

5 Steps To Make a Small Business Website

This is a quick simple Step-by-Step guide that will enable you acquire a complete website for your business. A website is the most effective sales and marketing tool in your business that stands out and generate more traffic.

In just few easy steps, you can create a beautiful personal or business website that engages visitors and excites them to work with you and promote your business or talent outside there to the world. Here’s how to get started.

1. Pick a Domain Name

A domain is the unique name you give to your website. It can be your own name or you can give it a name basing on the business you are doing or going to create. Basically you can choose any name you want, but it’s best to have one that matches your business or professional name.

The way you name your business or the domain name will determine how you keep your branding consistently, and this will significantly impact how you appear in search engine results and google rankings.

Important tips to note while choosing a domain name is,

✔️ Always include keywords relevant to your business to boost your visibility in search engines.

✔️ Always ensure that your domain name is easy to spell.

✔️ Always avoid abbreviating your domain names. For google to rank your business on the search engines, avoid abbreviations, acronyms, hyphens and numbers.

✔️ Always keep your domain name short for easy remembrance.

✔️ Always aim domains such as .com or .net or one that best relates to you or your business.


2. Register Your Domain name

To register a domain name, you need a hosting provider(s). There are very many companies out there offering hosting services. However you can choose to go with Hostziza. But if you have another company that is best for you, the process is still the same. You can choose to go with it.

If you don’t have much, or any, coding experience, you may want an all-in-one option like WordPress to create your website. The hosting company always provides us with WordPress for free.


3. Add Useful Pages and Engaging Contents

A fully customisable website has to contain pages like;

Homepage, Aboutpage Services, Contactpage and more pages that you would prefer to add on. With that said, endeavour to design a striking homepage that will attract many traffic that will later turn into potential customers. To Create a Stunning Landing Page, or any related design for your social media platforms, sign in below and become one of the creative gurus.


The main aim of your business website should captivate people and tell them exactly what you do and whom you serve. If your website is to showcase your talent, write articles, record videos, and teach people what you do best. However if it is for monetization, write blogs, create contents or do affiliate marketing. For more on this;


Create an eye-catching designs on your pages, readable fonts, select colors that contrast and that are visible and clear. Add descriptions and enticing calls-to-action buttons and click able links.

To add Shoppingpage or e-commerce website, contact me here and I will create it for you. Include social media accounts to your website to drive more traffic and to make it easier for people to reach you. If it fits your business, add your operating hours, this will establish you as an expert in your industry and helps grow a loyal community for your business.

Link your website to google search console to track how your website is doing. Boost your credibility by sharing your successes and create a page that shares positive reviews about your services and business.

4. Rank your Website to google Search

To rank your Website on top of google search you need the best SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of refining your business website and giving it the best title so your website rank higher in search engine results.

The best SEOs helps people find you easily and makes your website accessible. As you build your website, keep these basic SEO practices in mind to increase your visibility and drive more traffic

✔️ Use relevant important keywords and phrases throughout your posts and pages.

✔️ Keep updating your website with new contents and graphics.

✔️ Choose easy navigation method to pull more traffic to your website.

✔️ Create a nice website with nice contents that will attract more traffic.

✔️ Design a responsive website that fits in all devices.

✔️ Make some small tweaks on your website by uploading optimized images.

5. Review your website before you publish it

Before you publish your website, you will need to check if everything is set and all pages have the contents you like and are responsive. The majority of internet users today use mobile phones to browse through internet. So make sure your website is responsive and fits in all devices.

✔️ Read through your content to ensure everything is accurate and correct.

✔️ Check for any broken links.

✔️ Test your website across browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and more.

✔️ Connect your website to Google sitekit to monitor its performance.

✔️ Once you are satisfied with everything, you can now publish your website.

One of the best methods to start driving traffic to your newly created websiteis by sharing it with friends, share it on your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform. To remain high in google search rankings and improve your visitors’ experience, you will need to consistently maintain your website.

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