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Male Pattern Baldness | Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

male pattern baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is the most common hair loss type in men that has for decades been a pain in the mind for some men out there. African American Men look great with shaven and treamed hair while White men look great with thick and well treated hair. Baldness is sometines related to genes, and male sex hormones that brings off the hair. Each hair strand sits in a tiny cavity (hole) on the skin, known as a follicle. Baldness generally occurs when the hair follicles shrink over time, making the hair thinner and shorter. With time, those follicles stop producing hair. However, the follicle remains intact, which means new hair growth possibilities.


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Ways To Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness is a diverse common hair loss in men that has no proven way to prevent it. However, there are a few steps that one can practice to reduce baldness.

Eat smart

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People are finally able to enjoy the pleasure of desserts while getting into the best shape of their lives and eliminating processed sugar from their diets. A healthy diet may help you prevent baldness, more or less. Avoid consuming fried foods and consuming a lot of sugar that an cause insulin to flood the body. Consider having these in your diet:

Protein: Hair follicles are made up of protein. Add protein-rich diet foods like nuts, egg, beans, and fish to your diet.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A contains retinoids proven to encourage hair growth. Just ensure always to have your plate full of foods rich in vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, and spinach.

Mediterranean diet: A diet that incorporates raw vegetables and fresh herbs, like the Mediterranean diet, may reduce the risk of androgenic alopecia or slow its onset. Include salad, parsley, green, and basil in your diet.

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There are also medically tested products that can help prevent patern baldness like;

Suitable shampoo

This invigorating and deeply cleansing Shampoo helps to balance hair with Ginger Extract, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil—ingredients that help support hair health and maintain normal hair growth and thickness. For best results, use with MONDAY Haircare VOLUME Conditioner.

If your hair loss does not stop or occurs excessively, seek medical attention immediately.

Hair Growth System

Apart from using shampoo and other products, your hair sometimes may need massage with essential oils like coconut oil and olive oil on the scalp to promote blood flow and new hair regrowth.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Practice a good love life to manage stress because stress can be a big reason behind hair loss. You can reduce stress by engaging in relaxing activities, such as walking, listening to calming music, and enjoying more quiet time.

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When to Contact a Medical Professional

Call your health care provider if:

  • Your hair loss occurs in an atypical pattern, including rapid hair loss, widespread shedding, hair loss in patches, or hair breakage.
  • Your hair loss occurs with itching, skin irritation, redness, scaling, pain, or other symptoms.
  • Your hair loss begins after starting a medicine.
  • You want to treat your hair loss.

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