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Reading Can Seriously Damage Your Ignorance 100%

There is this saying that, “Reading Books can take you to places that you’ve never been” And the more we travel to different societies and places, the more we learn.

I have met different kinds of people in my travels and tours globally who said, “Reading is a waste of time, some say reading demolishes walls of ignorance and some say, Ignorance is bliss. Because the more we read, the more we get to know more, and we realize how less we know”.

However mankind by nature learns more by experience. Reading builds the foundation and imparts confidence coz what we all fear most is the unknown. So to seriously damage ignorance, It is better we don’t read and remain ignorant

True Integrity is Reading.

8 Types of People With True Integrity

When it comes to true integrity, there are really some people with all the characteristics of a person with true integrity.

Let’s first understand what integrity really means?

Simply…. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This can also mean, that person with undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting. That is integrity, the unity of wholeness.

Therefore, we always consider people with integrity as someone very important. Some of us, or some of you who love doing good things may ask, is that also integrity? But what about people who do good things even when no one is watching them?

All you should know is that people with integrity don’t do things just to show off. They will always do the right thing because it is right.

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By the way, in the world we are living in today, or the community we are in or even our leaders from the Parish level to Churches to Schools and politically to our MPs and Ministers, we can truly identify a leader with integrity.

Someone who forgives their enemies or even gives them a helping hand, some may not even wait for your [thank you sir], or thank you, madam when they did something good to you.

Actually, they do good things not for you to appreciate, but they do good for the community to have the qualitative change of life in a better way.

If you believe you have integrity, you should be doing and practising exactly how these people are doing. A true characteristic of a person with integrity is doing the right thing. Not doing things that satisfy only you, do things that change society for the betterment of your community, and not because you want a reward, NO.

For example, if you get your neighbour and ask how they are, do it because you want to know how they are, not because you are doing it to want a thank you back. Now, what if they don’t say thank you to you? Do you see? Be postive, be truthful, and be honest.

Characteristics of People Reading and who have true integrity

1. They Value other People’s Time

People with true integrity will always value your time when you do something for them. First of all, they will appreciate the time you have given them.

Secondly, people with true integrity will never keep you waiting, in fact they will treat you as one of them and will always listen to what you will have to contribute and say a genuine thank you.

2. They Say sorry

A true person with integrity will always admit when they do something wrong. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. But it takes a true person with integrity to accept their mistakes and apologise.

3. They Give Credit to Other People

Don’t take pride in something you did not do. Learn how to appreciate and give credit to people who deserve them. People with integrity will never cheat or steals one’s victory and claim it is theirs, instead they will applaud and guve credit where it serves best.

4. They are Authentic

Authenticity simply means to be real. People with true integrity don’t pretend and they don’t lie to gain favours.

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5. They Know When You Are Wrong

Let’s look at our families and our children, when they do something wrong, how do we handle things at home? It takes a person with true integrity to see and forgive because we all make mistakes.

6. They Volunteer

In our local community, people always gather together to weed roads or collect dirt or clean blocked trenches.

Here people with true integrity will never ask for a reward in return after their offer, or service. And a person of Integrity, know the value of volunteering.

7. They Don’t Argue

We always say empty tins make a lot of noise. You can’t argue with a fool, that is another saying that we do say more often. This takes a true person with integrity to understand that arguments lead to unnecessary fights. When you are heated up, there is no need for me also to heat up.

8. They Are Honest

Honesty is something very important. Even your best friend, your child, or your wife will never trust you if you are not honest. Telling lies will always put you in a sheet and it can lead to a fight. But a true person with integrity when they tell lies, they will always admit to it and will ask for forgiveness.

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The illustration above clearly tells us and explains all the fundamental values of inteligent.

It is very important because, this is a Big circle sorrounded by small circles, containing some of the important key notes that we should learn from and take it very seriously.

Integrity is really a wide topic that we can not explore and exhaust everything here. For now, let us close this conversation here. However keep monitoring yourself, be your own guardian and your own teacher and see if you have all the characteristics we have just talked about, if you are belonging anywhere from the lists above, never mind, everyone changes and you can change and be that better person not only to a community, but to your Family as well.

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