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What is girl child morality in a community?

A girl child is/ are always considered to be at a high risk of dying younger than 5 years of age and at the early stages of adolescence. This has always been regarded as an important indicator of girl child morality and child health and survival.

In recent years, an estimate of 5 million children under the age of 5 years died, mostly from preventable and treatable causes which is mainly society-based.

The best moral behaviour to teach a girl child and improve on their moral values are things such as learning to share, compassion, cooperation, acceptance, equality, generosity, Family love and justice are extremely important for children to make everyday decisions in an unbiased and empathetic manner. Hence, instilling these moral values in a girl child’s mind.

Girl Child Morality Short Story To Learn From

Once upon a time there was a beautiful charming lady called Emily. Emily was a beautiful lady who loved partying with her friends and going out on vacation and road trips every single day.

One day as usual, her friends came to pick her in their usual fancy ride. As she was walking towards her friends, an old woman kept watching her as she was soo excited and almost approaching her friends who were loud with funny giggles and noises.

Emily father called her back, distressed and worried, but his daughter ignored him and she entered the car that came to pick her. The old woman watched and she turned, entered her house before looking and Emily’s father with that sympathetic look. Everyday the old woman watched Emily as she rushes out to hang with her friends and not paying attention to her family or parents.

One day, Emily came back home in the afternoon after spending days away, very exhausted, shubby and still drunk that she even forgot to dress her inner wears and looked completely naked infront of her parents and the neighbours around. The old woman felt so disappointed with her, and she was seeing that Emily is totally and completely lost and her father is almost defeated and failing to control her.

The old woman called Emily and covered her with her lesu and led her to her house. She prepared sleeping place for Emily to sleep first and rest. When Emily woke up later the following morning, the old woman offered her water to clean herself and then prepared her some tea and food.

After eating all these things the old woman gave her, the old woman came and sat next to her and said, “Emily I want to tell you a story”. Emily as usual gave her that sharp look with disrespect and asked the old woman…, “What is it?”

The old woman didn’t mind the look but went a head to tell Emily the story.


there was once a beautiful girl with a loving family, this girl was famous, fun but very vain and disrespectful. People in her community didn’t like her that much and she had very little time for her family or even no time at all. Her young followers would want to play with her but she had no time for them and would reject their request to play with them and say NO then instead go with her friends.

Sometimes her mother would ask her to remain and stay or play with her young siblings while they are away for work, but she would always say NO and refuse. Instead she would go to a party where everyone admired her and use her and they spoil themselves. During holidays, her father would plead with her to do the same thing and stay home with her siblings or help with home chores, but she would say NO.

Emily had turned into a hooker and would get new boyfriends almost every week. She started going to expensive places and hotels and in big cities with glittering lights everywhere, she became too excited and met many different people who would admire her and her beauty. One day, Emily got pregnant and she couldn’t tell who was responsible for the pregnancy, and as the days went on, her beauty started fading away. Those who admired her started running and hiding away from her, some even laughing at her and calling her names like a whore, loser, and sorts of names.

One by One, her friends left her until she was alone on the streets as a young mother with no where to sleep or to get food, she sold all her expensive clothes to try and survive but life became too hard for her and her young kid.

When she became too desperate and had nowhere else to go, she returned to her small town and holping to go back home and repair the broken and damaged relationship with her family.

When she finally reached home, she found when there was no one at home. Her family had all gone to a new location. With tears rolling down her chics, she went to the old neighbours to ask where her family had gone. Her old neighbour looked at her with pity and told her that your family is long gone and they didn’t inform us where they went.

Sorrow filled in her face and tears rolling in her eyes she started realising the love she rejected from her family was indeed gone and lost forever. That woman was me, the old woman told Emily. She stopped crying and whipped her eyes. Embrace what you have while you still have it and never take true love for granted, learn to love and respect all your family members. Listen to your parents always when they are talking to you. The old woman told her as she was nodding her head. Then the old woman knew Emily understood her well”.


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  1. A story within a story.
    Nice story line.

    There’s a luganda proverb I like so much that goes “amaaso gomukulu, awadugala wewalabba”. Indeed she could see everything, tho she advised Emily late

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