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What is Business Card Marketing in 2024?

First things first, never underestimate the power of a Business Card. Is it in your Wallet?

Your business card may be the most important advertising tool you have due to its uniqueness and they are easy to get to or pull out Infront of people.

Most people make the mistake to think that it is only rich men who pull out business cards in a way of sharing their contacts to the young ladies they are trying to seduce or just for sharing contact information. I am here to tell you today that, that mentality you have is false. Business Cards are a very great and essential tool for Marketing your business.

We live in a very competitive world today of internet where people use expensive gadgets like Pads, Smart Phones, and PDA’s. Therefore to get the real value of a Business Card, you need to consider its potential value.

Your business card is very important and it is that one thing you should never leave home without. Have you ever been in a plane and your seat mate asks you, “do you have a business card?” Or may be you meet a prospective customer unexpectedly while having a meeting with your boys or taking a walk down the street? Well, while sometimes you get a chance to introduce yourself and what you do quite often, all you should have is that piece of paper to leave behind. These days people are soo forgetful, you will explain yourself and your business or company to this person you have just met for the first time but that may not be enough. So make it intriguing and make it as a habit to always give your business card to everyone you share your business ideas with.

Tips How To Use Business Cards For Marketing.

1. Magnetic Catch

Be attractive in most cases amd make your business card act as a magnet that will pull one’s attention to take a look at it.

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What you should consider here is the design, a well designed and nice looking card will always attract the attention of a client. Simply because it is readable and has that nice design look.

2. Include a call to action in your Card

When designing your Business Cards, kindly make sure you give prospects and an enticing reason to call or visit your site or business.

Tell them what you are offering and the services you do. Life is too short to be miserable in your job. So why not tell them what your offers are, and when they are interested, they will definitely visit your site or give you a call. So do not forget to include things like; Your phone contacts, Your email address, and even the location of your business

3. Distribute strategically and considerately

Consider your business cards as tiny billboards that has the ability to attract the right people or customers to your business. These tiny cards has the potential to attract just the right people at just the right time and do not be afraid to issue them even to already your client that you have or have given the card. If you are a chauffeur forexample, every client you drop and any dispatch that you make, please give them your business card. This will help in the distribution of your business cards.

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There are common strategic places where you can drop your business card such as; public places, stick them in doors or leave them on a table at a restaurant, sometimes you can even issue them out on streets and in location where your target clients may be, even at the parties simetimes. Always keep your business card at your fingertips.

For those who own Magnetic business cards, this can be used on metallic surfaces.

4. Explain what you have to offer

Do not only tell people to contact you or tell them where they can located you, make sure your business card tells people what you do. In some way your business or company name or your title may say something about what you do or offer, this is not enough. Add a few words to explain what you do to express what you do that makes you stand out. Add services section to your card and include the services you offer.

5. Look professional and up to date

Number one objective to a professional person or business is to treat yourself and your company with respect. Earn respect from your clients by getting a professional quality business cards.

Invest in basic branding that will impact that design look that will make your business card get the pleasing and easy to read surface.

You can hire a designer for help, use customizable templates or see our Business Card Design for tips. Keep them in your wallet or in a protected pocket where they won’t get bent, marked up or scuffed.

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6. Maximize content and usability

Creativity and content creation is our day-to-day life these day. Sky is the limit, so why limit yourself to the front of your business cards only? Unless if you have other charms to use.

Try the broader method if you have other info that you would want to share with your clients such as office hours, small map to your store or company, pictures of what you offer and more details. So the option here is to use a folded business card as a mini brochure.

Take full advantage of these tips by investing a little time and energy into making them work for you. What yo have to keep in mind is that, business cards aren’t going out of circulation anytime soon. Therefore acquire one now and boost the traffic into your business.

Thank you for reading and good luck in doing your business. I hope these tips work for you well.

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